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Etiquette Training

Etiquette is an important resource that often determines who becomes a leader and who falls behind. Etiquette classes can assist you in developing a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior in accordance with modern conventional norms within a culture, social class, or group. Many people associate etiquette with stuffy, out-of-date customs. However, there is much more to etiquette than table manners and thank you letters - and in our increasingly hurried and disconnected world, it is an art that is more vital than ever. True etiquette instruction, in our opinion, is about being mindful and courteous of others, and acting in a way that puts people at ease. . Small gestures, such as a hello or a smile, can have a huge impact, especially in a professional setting. Etiquette, rather than dividing cultures or classes, draws people together. Etiquette classes help you become a better version of yourself.

Farno Rezaei is a certified Etiquette Expert who teaches etiquette classes and gives people the tools they need to navigate a variety of social settings, from upmarket dining to business meetings to networking events. Her approach to etiquette training is unique in that it combines a current, contemporary environment with Iranian culture, as well as a stylish and conversational teaching style and simplicity of implementation.

Online Courses and books

We wish to boost your social confidence so that you can perform at your best. A woman or man of society who is more poised, polished, and powerful. We teach European Savoir-Vivre, which goes beyond basic manners to incorporate style, image, and elegance, as well as fostering self-confidence in all situations. Learn to portray confidence, elegance, and charismatic leadership via your motions by maintaining good posture and body language with Etiquette Classes Farsse.

Farsse offers online life-changing, confidence-building etiquette classes to businesses, colleges and universities, private individuals, young adults, and children around the country.

Instagram Content

Farsse's Instagram account focuses on sharing valuable content through posts and stories. The content provided includes insights and guidance on social etiquette and personal development. By offering these valuable resources, followers can gain knowledge and advice on how to navigate social situations and improve their personal growth. The account strives to provide a platform where users can learn and grow, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and successful life. Whether it's learning the proper way to communicate or developing essential life skills, Farsse's Instagram account aims to empower individuals to become their best selves.

YouTube Videos

Farsse's YouTube channel focuses on creating informative and engaging videos that aim to educate and inspire viewers on social etiquette, personal branding, and self-confidence. These videos provide valuable knowledge and practical tips on how to navigate social situations with grace and respect, as well as how to cultivate a positive personal image and build self-assurance. Farsse's channel's content is designed to be accessible to all, as it is offered completely free of charge. By sharing these insightful videos, the channel seeks to empower individuals to enhance their interpersonal skills, project a strong personal brand, and develop the self-confidence needed to succeed in various aspects of life.

About Farno Rezaei

Farno Rezaei, an Iranian entrepreneur and the founder of Farsse School has been active on social media since 2020.

She graduated from IAP College of Canada as an Etiquette Consultant and also took academic courses in personal branding, personal development, life counseling, and self-confidence.

Farno offers her social skills through videos on YouTube and Instagram. She has appeared on many Farsi-speaking global broadcasting programs. Her emphasis on the independence, empowerment and freedom of women has attracted a lot of attention in a short period of time. more than 700 thousand people follow her and her videos have been viewed more than 30 million times on social networks.

Farno's success and appeal stem from her ability to combine etiquette with entrepreneurship lessons, personal branding, self-confidence, fashion, and a healthy modern lifestyle with Iranian culture.

Also she makes songs and podcasts available to her global audience on all streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music

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a woman sitting in a chair in a room

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